Tech News Weekly (Video HI)

  • VideoTNW 28: Expand Your Attack Vector
    1:59 Ian Sherr from CNET helps round up some of the biggest news from the RSA security conference and checks in on Facebook's progress after last week's Congressional hearing.13:40 Alex... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 27: The World Is a Test Track
    1:47 David McCabe from Axios talks about the Facebook Congressional hearing, and his thoughts after sitting in the room reporting on it first hand.15:55 Timothy Lee from Ars Technica has... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 26: There Will Be Blood Drones
    1:35 Evan Ackerman from the IEEE Spectrum blog, Automaton on Zipline blood drones, what makes a friendly robot face, how NASA's humanoid robot broke in space, and how self-driving cars... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 25: Get Out of My House
    2:08 Kurt Wagner from Recode details how Facebook is cutting itself off from third-party data aggregators.17:53 Carolina Milanesi from Creative Strategies compares Apple's recent education product announcement to Chromebooks in... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 24: The Facebook Irish Goodbye
    1:44 Sam Abuelsamid from Navigant Research on why we need more state regulations for self-driving cars15:51 Daniel Oberhaus from Motherboard on the town that banned bitcoin mining28:42 Dan Provost from... Read more »