Tech News Weekly (Video HI)

  • VideoTNW 40: Elon's Squirrel Syndrome
    1:21 Elon Musk has offered to help save stranded children and fix water toxicity. Sam Abuelsamid from Navigant Research talks about how Tesla shareholders say he needs to focus more... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 39: Breach Fatigue
    1:06 Ian Sherr from CNET talks about why it matters that Google let email developers read our emails, even though we told them they could.13:57 What consumer tech analyst Carolina... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 38: My Robot Reservation Maker
    1:38 OpenAI bots are going up against Dota 2 champions. Dave Gershgorn from Quartz explains what we'll learn if the bots win.17:41 Gizmodo's Sam Rutherford tried to fool Google Duplex... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 37: Lady Smells
    1:17 The World Health Organization added "Gaming Disorder" to its International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. Dr. Michael Bishop from Summerland Camps joins to talk about how... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 36: Caught Riding Nerdy
    1:47 Nathanial Popper from The New York Times explains bitcoin, Tether, and crypto price manipulation.17:59 All the news you need to know from the gaming and entertainment conference, E3 with... Read more »