Tech News Weekly (Video HI)

  • VideoTNW 24: The Facebook Irish Goodbye
    1:44 Sam Abuelsamid from Navigant Research on why we need more state regulations for self-driving cars15:51 Daniel Oberhaus from Motherboard on the town that banned bitcoin mining28:42 Dan Provost from... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 23: No Qualms for Broadcom
    - 02:13 Roger Cheng from CNET discusses the Trump Administration's move to block Broadcom's acquisition of Qualcomm on grounds of national security.- 12:05 Louise Matsakis from Wired details the many... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 22: The Dark Cheese Web
    1:53 Surya Mattu from Gizmodo explains how to use a Rasberry Pi to track what your smart home is revealing about you14:49 Emily Wilson, Director of Analysis at Terbium Labs... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 21: AI Camera in a Cat Cafe
    1:34 Shara Tibken from CNET talks about the Samsung Galaxy S9, it's improved but imperfect security enhancements, and foldable phones.17:20 Selena Larson from CNN breaks down Microsoft's Supreme Court case... Read more »
  • VideoTNW 20: People for the Ethical Treatment of HomePods
    1:31 Eric Newcomer from Bloomberg talks about the economics of MoviePass and why the movie theaters hate the service12:54 Mark Bramhill, creator of the Person in Lotus Position emoji talks... Read more »